2005 Y Winter Biathlon Winners!

L to R: Harold, Bob O., Leon, Bob A., and his son, Shaun A.

Andy Hampsten and Bob Darby, Grand Forks, 1990

"The Bunch" at Adam Lake, Manitoba, winter 2005

No cotton allowed





Badlands 2003



South Dakota, Oct. 2003

(l to r, top: At the finish in Deadwood, at the end of the trail in Edgemont; middle: Chuck cruisin', Steve, Mike, Chuck on the flats; bottom: near the Sugarloaf exit, Leads)






The Iron Maiden staying focused at the Fl. tri


At the post marathon fete. L to R: Leon, Bruce, Bob D., Jac, Harold, and Bob A.





Spruce Woods backpack trip. May 17, 2003






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