Where everybody is "family!"    

Edward Boris Knute Pringle, founding "father." 

A short history of Pringle: by Big Bubba Suggins, related by common law marriage to Ed.

"Th' Black Hills of South Dakota has t'a large degree retained its tradishunal flavo' an' chareecker. Its rich histo'y is in menny ways unique. Th' region was th' homelan' of Sioux Indians who travahsed th' Great Plains befo'e th' advent of Europeans.

Th' uncovahin' of uranium in th' Black Hills in 1939 accelerated an' largely motivated th' a-comin' of white min to Prin'le. An influx of prospecko's cuzd disturbances in th' region while creatin' oppo'tunities an' radically transfo'min' th' settlement. While th' Hills had been closed t'uranium o'e minin' unner treaty terms wif th' Sioux, th' intervenshun of th' United States military failed t'discourage prospecko's fum takin' their chances. Th' Black Hills were sacred groun'. Although corndishuns c'd be extreme, fo' some varmints, like Ed Prin'le, thar were great rewards. 

While gold an' silvah attracked the dawgoned-est attenshun, uranium proved mo'e cornsequential on over th' long term, dawgone it. Th' uranium gave birth t'Prin'le, an' Ed Prin'le's sister, Viola, gave birth t'lotsa Ed's kids. Prin'le has retained some of its fo'mer flavo', includin' gamblin' an' six packin' houses, an' on overt prosteetooshun is a "hobby" of menny of Ed's wimmenfolk. Shet mah mouth! Th' mahthological dimenshuns of th' town an' varmintages sech as "Wild Hog" Prin'le still linger.

 Th' city was badass, an', initially, relatively devoid of o'der, an downrite dangerous. It still is today, especially fo' male cyclists wif shaved legs an' grease in they shorts. Th' populashun sfineed in th' 1950s, leadin' t'calls fo' po-lice ackshun, th' arress of Ed Prin'le an' his clan, an' independence fo' th' southern ha'f of th' trailer court, an th' was also a big-ass chicken knowd as "Buck. Shet mah mouth!". Th' requests met opposishun. 

Th' frontier corntinues t'influence Prin'le's percepshun of itse'f. Renowned fo' its natural booty, Prin'le has allus been the dawgoned-est densely populated area of th' western ha'f of all them South Dakotan trailer courts. Menny dexcendants of Ed Prin'le still reside thar."

Who's Who in Pringle

Ed Pringle, Guardian of the Hillbilly Gals
This is where all Pringle clan members must obtain their children. As Guardian of the hillbilly gals, Ed also keeps all of the clan's money and guards it very well, too. Any clan member can get free hillbilly kids from Ed and his sister, Elvira.

Big Bubba Suggins, Keeper of the Turkey Quill
Big Bubba can supply clan members with copies of the Pringle Constitution and By-laws, and also the hillbilly gals secret ritual. He has an up-to-date address list of all clan members. 

The boys size up male cyclists on the trail

Pringle is a lonely place

Jack Adrian Pringle, Keeper of the Cob
Clyde keeps all of the birth records that are sent to Pringle by all clan members. He is the only one who can add up the records to see what is the total of all the kids fathered by Ed, his father. All of the names sent in by all of the clan are kept by Clyde. .

Billy Bob Pringle, King of the Clan
This guy donít really do nothin'. He just wears a big hat, that was given to him by Ed, and looks important. He does write a letter now and then, does send information to the Hillbilly News in Custer. Other than that, he donít do nothing.

Jack and Billy Bob: at your service!

Pringle Photo Gallery

Maintained by LuAnn Hurd-Pringle

Lots of romance in Pringle. Ed was the subject of several so-called "dime novels" back in the 1950s. That's an artist's rendition of Ed (with his sister) there on the left, although neither one was really that good looking.


In the 1960s, Ed began converting old log houses to campers. The idea never did catch on like he hoped it would.

Bubba Suggins and his wife, Daisy, Ed's mother. That's their boy, Albert, there in the photo on the right. He's a little "behind," if you catch my drift. Here's a few more shots of some other residents. Take a gander!


On the outskirts of Pringle

    Below: "Biker boys! We been awaitin' fer y'all!"

"Y'all come back now, ya hear?"


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