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Welcome To Our Farm located near Burlington ND (North Dakota)

The Runaway mule farm offers mules, paint horses, and quarter horses for sale. On our other horses for sale page, we offer a variety of all ages and colors to pick from.

paint horses for sale

Two mules and a paint colt running 

I have article's on each of my pages that I hope you find helpful.

In the 2005 mule for sale page you will find an article relating to the difference between a mule and a horse.

The Paint Horse Colts for sale page you will find an article relating to the different gaits (which foot the horse uses) when they walk, trot, canter, and back-up.

The Quarter Horse Colts page talks about how the horses teeth change at different ages. Look in a two and a half year old horses month.

The 2005 Foals for sale page has an article on why colostrum is so important for the foal.

The Studs page you will find information on a mare's heat cycle.

Please let me know if you have came across an article that has helped you out and you think it can be helpful to someone else.

For more information on any of our horses for sale please Contact by email

The Runaway Mule Farm is in Partners with Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch

We have sold all of our horses and mules. Thank you so much for checking out our websites.