2008 Mules For Sale
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2008 Mules for Sale

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Stitch john mule born 4/29/2008 Sold

John mule for sale    Jenny Pedigree

Trixie molly mule born 5/8/2008 Sold

Trixie Molly Mule  Chex Pedigree

Salty molly born 6/1/2008 Sold

salty big molly mule for sale  Misty Pedigree

Jazz molly mule born 6/17/2008 Sold

jazz cute little mule  Angel Pedigree


Update August All Mules are sold

John Mule for sale stitch nice john mule trixie molly Trixie is not for sale
salty big molly mule Molly mule for sale jazz nice mule for sale jazz good looking molly mule

Things I have read

Difference between mules and horses

A mule is a offspring from a male donkey (A Jack) and a female horse (A Mare) A horse has 64 chromosomes and a donkey has 62. Which makes the mule end up with 63 chromosomes .

Mules have smoother muscles than a horse. They get their athletic ability from the horse and their strength and intelligence from the donkey.

Pick a saddle that fits your mule. The mule must have room for the shoulders to work. Unlike a horse the mules shoulders work up and down.


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