Mules For Sale
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Mules For Sale

We have a nice variety of John and Molly mules for sale

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Midnight john mule born 5/28/03 Sold

 Midnight mule for sale Midnight is green broke to ride and drive. He is about 14 hands high


Mules we have sold


Roletta born 5/5/02 Sold


Annarose was born 4/30/02 Sold



Bro John Mule Sold


Fonta born 5/7/03 Sold


two mules

Fonta molly mule and bro a john mule


Mandy born on 5/28/04 Sold


my mules

Annarose and Roletta Sold

mule for sale

Banjo born 5/22/05 Sold

john mule for sale

Poncho born 5/16/05 Sold

chico john mule.jpg

Chico born 5/3/06 Sold

poco molly mule.jpg

Poco Molly Mule born 5/7/06 Sold

Nice john mule.jpg

Jackpot John Mule born 5/15/07 Sold

3 mules

This can only be trouble

We really miss our mules they were such a joy to have around. If you are the new owner of any of our mules please email me on how they are doing.

Things I have read

Some horse and mule Terms

Burro-Spanish word for donkey
Gelding-A castrated male donkey
Jennet or Jenny-A female donkey
John-A male mule
Molly-A female mule
Hinny-A offspring from horse stallion and a Donkey mare. A hinny resembles a horse more
Mule-A offspring from a Donkey Stud and a Horse Mare
Stallion-A male horse
Mare-A female horse
Sire-A word used for the the father of a horse
Dam-A word used for the the mother of a horse
Hand-A measurement (4 inches or 10 centimeters) From the ground up to the withers

Hinny's and Mule's are hybrids and are typically sterile. There are three documented cases of fertility that I have read about (old Beck from Texas A&M ,Krause from Nebraska, and most recent (2003) a mare mule from morocco produced a male which DNA shows him to be 3/4 donkey and 1/4 horse.) so you just never know.

For more information on any of our horses for sale please contact by email

We have sold all of our mules