North Dakota Sales Barns
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Runaway Mule Farm

The Runaway Mule farm is located in ND (North Dakota) we have mules, paint horses, and quarter horses for sale. Tina Lee Runaway Mule Farm and Keith Marshall Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch are in parterners

For more information on any of our horses for sale please Contact by email

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Things I have read

There are people who are natural horse whispers. Here are my top horse training videos.

My favorite is Craig Cameron
One of his sayings is don't get frustrated or mad, the horse did not come into this world knowing what you want or don't want from him. Craig Cameron tapes demonstrates his way of dealing with some common problems. All of his tapes are very good. You walk away with a knowledge that you never had before.
Craig Cameron Web page

Pat Parelli
Pat Parelli's programs are based on his 7 games. He has many videos to pick from. My favorite video of his is Natural Horse-man-ship course. This comes with 5 tapes. The Natural Horse-man-ship course video is not listed on his web page. But I bet they still sell it
Pat Parelli Web Page

Monty Roberts
Monty Roberts  is known for the man who listens to horses. His join-up tape is a must if your working with a  horse that has never been handled much.
Monty Roberts Web page

Monte Foreman
A lot of you probably have never even heard of Monte Foreman. He is one of the greatest horse trainers around. His videos are old but have a lot of good information in them.

North Dakota Livestock Auction Barns

Here is a link North Dakota Livestock Barns to some of the sales barns in ND. It will give you the address and the phone numbers to your favorite ND livestock auctions. Like Kist Livestock Auctions, Northern Livestock exchange, Carrington livestock, Rugby livestock sales ring and much more.