Quarter Horses for sale
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Quarter Horse Mares Foals For Sale

American Quarter Horses come in many colors but are allowed only limited white makings on the face and below the knees. The Quarter horse is famous for or well known for the quarter mile races.

Here are our Quarter Horse Mares with their foals. All the Foals are registerd with the American Paint Horse Association or with the American Quarter Horse Association. Our quarter horse stud (Rocky) was gelded. Cannon the Paint stud was sold. Goji is our new quarter horse stud. We are hoping to get some blue roan foals

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Tessy a filly born April 29, 2008 Sold

Tessy filly for sale  Sandy Pedigree

Rozzy filly born May 2 2008 Sold

Rozy nice quarter horse filly for sale  Roxanne Pedigree

Lena filly born May 12 2008 Sold

Lena  The Scoop Pedigree

Chyanne filly born May 13 2008 Sold

chyanne big filly for sale. very nice  Might fine (Babe) Pedigree


Quarter Horse Mares Foals For Sale from 2007

Rye a stud colt born May 2, 2007 Sold

Nice red roan stud for sale.jpg  Might fine (Babe) Pedigree

Delta a filly born May 5, 2007 Sold

delta blue roan filly for sale.jpg  Sandy Pedigree

Foxie filly born June 6, 2007  Sold

foxie quarter horse filly.jpg The Scoop Pedigree  

Kit filly born May 26, 2007 Sold

kit quarter horse filly for sale. She is really nice.jpg Poco Jessie Pedigree


Things I have read

Teeth Information

One day when I was out with the two and a half year old Quarter horse colts. I notice that one of them was missing his front tooth. He was in a pen with 4 other horse colts, and I thought while they were playing around one of the other colts kicked him in the month and knocked it out. The next day someone came out to look at our colts. He said he wanted to take a closer look at the quarter horse with the white socks. As I was haltering him, I noticed that this horse had both of his two front teeth knocked out. I said maybe you would like to look at a different horse because this one don't have has two front teeth. That old cowboy gave me a look that I will never forget. He said don't you know that's normal! I tell you what I could have crawled into a hole. I felt so dumb. So I thought I should look up some information on teeth so next time I won't feel so dumb.
Here is a link Horse Quest on this site it will show you pictures of the way a horses teeth look at different ages.

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