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Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch and Runaway Mule Farm Stallions

Our farm is located near Burlington ND. That would be in the Midwest part of North Dakota. Here are our Stallions

The Paint Stallion Pedigree (Cannon),The Quarter horse Stallion Pedigree (Rocky), and the Donkey Stallion (Ambrose)


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Cannonpaintstud.bmp       Rockyquarterstud.bmp     Donkey Stallion

Rocky the quarter horse stallion is now a gelding. Cannon the paint stallion is the sire for all the  foals born in 2005. Ambrose is the Sire to all the 2005 mule babies. Goji is the sire for all the foals born in 2007 and 2008.

Cannon the paint stallion and Rocky the quarter horse stallion are both for sale. Cannon has been sold

Goji Evans blue roan stallion. Goji Pedigree

blueroan.jpg (97968 bytes)

Goji has been gelded and is for sale.

Things I have read

Mares Heat Cycle

In the winter months a mare usually does not come in heat. When spring comes and the days get longer the follicles start to develop on the ovaries. When the follicles enlarge on the ovaries some mares become a little sore. So if you go riding when a horse is in heat, she may act different because her ovaries may hurt. You may think she is acting crabby or being a little bullheaded . The mare may stay in heat for 5 to 7 days. With the next heat cycle coming about 21 days later. Keep in mind there are a lot of issues that can influence the mare's heat cycle.

For more information on your mare's heat cycle go to Horse Sense and search for Mares Estrous Cycle.

So how old is to old to bread a mare? If you were to look at it in human years it might be easier to figure out. They say take 3x(Age in horses years -3) + 15. Lets say your horse is 15 years old you would take 15-3 which is 12. Take 12 x 3 which is 36. Then take 36 +15 =51.

Tina Lee Runaway Mule Farm and Keith Marshall Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch are in partners.

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