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2008 Foals And Mules for sale

Both the Paint and Quarter horses produced a fine selection of foals and mules this year. All the 2008 foals are out of Goji the quarter horse stallion and all the mules are out of Ambrose the donkey stallion.

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All the horses and mules are sold

Quarter Horse Filly

Quarter horse filly for sale. Should be a blue roan

Chyanne born 5/13/08

Sire: Goji Stallion
Dam: Mighty fine 

Molly Mule  

Tina Lee molly mule Jazz

Jazz molly mule born 6/17/08

Sire: Ambrose Donkey Stud
Dam: Angel

Quarter Horse Filly

Quarter horse filly

Lena born 5/12/08

Sire:Goji Quarter Stud
Dam: The Scoop

Paint stud for sale

Nice big Stud foal for sale

 Cruiser paint  born 5/22/08

Sire: Goji Stallion

Dam: Tallu

Quarter horse filly for sale

Quarter horse Filly for sale

 Tessy Filly born 4/29/08

Sire: Goji Quarter Horse Stud

Dam: Sandy

Molly Mule

Tina Lee Molly Mule Salty for sale in Burlington ND

Salty born 06/01/08

Sire: Ambrose Donkey Stud

Dam: Blonde Poco Jet


John Mule 

Tina Lee Stitch a john mule for sale from Burlington ND

 Stitch John Mule born 4/29/08

Sire: Ambrose Donkey Stud

Dam: Jenny


Quarter Horse Filly

Rozy quarter horse filly for sale

Rozy  born 5/2/08

Sire: Goji Stallion

Dam: Roxanne


Molly Mule 

Tina Lee Molly Mule Trixie from Burlington ND

 Trixie Molly  born 5/8/08

Sire: Ambrose Donkey Stallion

Dam: Chex


Foal update August

All the horses and mules are sold

Chyanne very nice filly Chyanne Jazz molly mulle. Jazz  Lena filly for sale Lena
Cruiser stud for sale. He is roaning out Cruiser Look at Tessy, very nice  Tessy Tina Lee molly mule Salty. She is a real go getter Salty 
Stitch John mule for sale Stitch Rozy is roaning out. Rozy Trixie will be kept by Tina Lee. She is so cute  Trixie

All the horses and mules are sold 

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