Ambrose Donkey Stallion Mules

Tina Lee Stallion Ambrose. Sire to all the mules  Ambrose

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Tina Lee AmbroseAnna.JPG Annarose a molly mule from Ambrose

Tina Lee Roletta.JPG from the Burlington ND stock Rolleta painted mule out of Ambrose our donkey Stallion

Tina Lee Burlington ND Farm mules Fonta and Bro Fonta a paint molly mule, and Bro a john mule

Mandy from Tina Lee farm in Burlington ND Mandy a molly mule

2 john mules from Tina Lee farm in Burlington North Dakota Banjo and Poncho two john mules from the donkey stallion Ambrose

Tina Lee Molly mule Poco and john mule Chico from the donkey stud Poco molly mule and Chico a john mule born 2006 from Ambrose

Tina Lee john mule in 2007 jackpot from the Burlington north dakota farm Jackpot john mule born in 2007 from the donkey stud Ambrose

Stitch john mule for sale Stitch John Mule born in 2008

Trixie molly mule for sale  Trixie molly born in 2008

Salty nice big molly mule Salty molly born in 2008. Ambrose can produce some really nice looking mules

Jazz Jazz the last molly mule born in 2008 out of our donkey stud Ambrose