Foals from Rocky the quarter horse stallion

Rocky quarter horse stallion  Rocky

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Rocky had 11 Quarter horse foals for Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch

Quarter horses for sale Smokey and Ashley were two buckskins from Rocky

Buckskin Gelding   Gelding Bullseye is another nice big buckskin we got from Rocky

Sorrel Gelding  Rocky had Meetagain a sorrel gelding

Quarter horse gelding broke Taylors Gold was a nice gentle quarter horse gelding

Quarter horse Filly Ginger a quarter horse filly was one beautiful foal out of Rocky

Quarter horse filly for sale Bonita a quarter horse filly.

Roxanne filly This Quarter horse filly (Roxanne) will stay on paint my quarter horse ranch as one of our mares.

Rockycrystal.jpg (29980 bytes) Crystal was one of Rocky's fillys

Rockyjewels.jpg (34583 bytes) Jewels quarter horse filly

Quarter horse Stallion Kalapur a stallion we still have that is for sale