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Horses For Sale

We have a nice paint horse that has been started under saddle and coming along nice. Hurricane is a bay tobiano gelding. With his big hip and nice muscle he should make a good all around horse. Bonita a quarter horse filly is a well mannered quiet horse. Midnight is a beautiful black gelding mule started under saddle.  Rocky is a very well built beautiful gelding broke to ride. DaisyAnn is a pretty little paint filly that will make a nice horse for someone.  TeeJay is a beautiful brown and white stallion, with his laid back personality he will make a good riding horse one day.  Cash is a red roan quarter horse stud colt for sale.

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All the horses and mules are sold

All my mares on the Paint Mare and Quarter Horse Mare pages are for sale. Also check out the 2008 Foals For Sale Page. The Donkey Stallion Ambrose is also for sale, you can check him out on the Stallions page.

We have two blue roans (Cruiser a gelding and Dalta really nice gentle filly) Two bay roans for sale (Rye, fine looking gelding and Rozy ready to go mare) A nice big paint gelding (Okie). Rocky well built quarter horse gelding broke to ride. Come out and take a look. These young horses are looking for a job, put them to work for you.

Paint Gelding for sale Paint Gelding For Sale  

Okie Paint Gelding 

Okie Pedigree Sold

Rye Bay Roan Gelding Okie and Rye 2 two year old horses

Rye nice big bay roan gelding 

Rye Pedigree Sold

Rozy mare Roans for sale

Rozy bay roan filly for sale

Rozy Pedigree Sold

Blue Roan Blue Roan For Sale

Cruiser blue roan foal for sale. Isn't he gorgeous. 

Cruiser Pedigree

Blue Roan Filly Blue Roan Filly for sale

Dalta is a very nice looking blue roan mare. 

Dalta Pedigree Sold

Quarter horse gelding Riding horse for sale

Rocky nice big broke to ride gelding for sale.

Rocky Pedigree

Midnight Pedigree Sold

ridingmule.jpg (38594 bytes)

Hurricane Pedigree Sold

Hurricane Paint

Hearts Best Man Pedigree (Ace) Sold

Quarter horse gelding for sale


Banita Pedigree sold

Quarter horse for sale


DaisyAnn Pedigree sold

Daisy for sale

Cash Pedigree sold

Quarter horse stallion


TeeJay Pedigree sold

Paint horse for sale

Kalapur Pedigree sold

Kalforsale.jpg (30541 bytes)

All the horses and mules are sold

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