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Paint My Quarter Horse Farm Memories

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them

I started with a quarter horse stud called Two Eyed Deaconesque

riders.jpg (28153 bytes) Good times

Jack and these two filly's are the only pictures of foals I have from Two Eyed Deaconesque

Quarter horse Gelding I still use Jack as my main riding horse.

classydukefoals.jpg (52667 bytes) Two filly's out of Two Eyed Deaconesque

Classy Duke was my first paint stallion

Paint stallion click on Classy Foals to see some pictures of his foals

Icee Blue Mccue was my black and white paint overo stallion

overo Stallion click on Icee Blue Foals to see some pictures of his foals

Cannon D was my next paint stud. Cannons foals were nice gentle big boned  paints.

Paint stud click on Cannon Foals to see some pictures of his foals

Tayors Dunnit Again (Rocky) was my next quarter horse stallion.

quarter horse stallion click on Rocky Foals to see some pictures of his foals

I have always wanted a blue road stallion so I purchased Goji

Blue Roan Stallion Click on Goji Foals to see some of his foals

We can not forget about the Donkey Stallion (Ambrose) who is the sire for the mules

Donkey Stallion click on Ambrose Mules to see pictures of his foals

Here are some of the paint and quarter horses mares at Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch

Cannon the Paint Stud with some of the mares. Click on pictures to enlarge them

horses     Paint stud with the mares

Here is Ambrose the stud donkey and Midget a black and white paint gelding hanging out.

Donkey Stallion with a paint gelding

Two of the mules along with some of the mares

Mules and horses

Pictures of some of the mares in different pastures

paint and quarter horse mares  Mares at Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch

three mares on the hillside Clicking on any of the pictures will enlarge them

Ambrose the donkey stallion and his group of mares

Ambrose donkey stud with his mares ambrose2007mares.jpg (28679 bytes)

One of Ambrose offspring

mulemidnightriding.jpg (69947 bytes)  Mule for sale

Cash out of playboy seventy

farmcash.jpg (38064 bytes)

Three mules from Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch  Runaway Mule Farm and Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch Mules Mule form 2008

Designed by Tina Lee Burlington ND

Hope you enjoyed Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch Website

Tina Lee and Keith Marshall