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Goji blue roan Goji

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Goji is a blue roan stallion out of Catalena Son Evans and Yo Yo Evans. I'm hoping to get a lot of nice blue roan foals out of him. The first set of blue roan foals I got out of Goji were all nice gentle blue roan fillies.

Goji 2006 foals

Passion Goji fist blue roan foal Passion blue roan filly Passion nice blue roan filly. She is well built.

Meggin blue roan filly out of goji taken in Aug Meggin Paint My Quarter Horse Ranch blue roan filly Meggin was Goji 2nd blue roan filly. She is very gentle

Kayla picture taken in Aug of a blue roan filly Kayla one of Goji blue roans Kala was the last blue roan filly born in 2006. She is very easy going.

Goji 2007 foals

okier.jpg (54914 bytes) okiel.jpg (60364 bytes) Okie blue roan stud for sale

foxiele.jpg (45167 bytes) foxier.jpg (44583 bytes) Foxie filly

kitl.jpg (48224 bytes)  kitr.jpg (38746 bytes) Kit filly out of the blue roan stud

rye.jpg (43529 bytes) ryel.jpg (51479 bytes) Rye red roan stallion for sale

daltal.jpg (50993 bytes)  daltar.jpg (47594 bytes) Dalta blue roan filly

Goji 2008 foals.

Mare Chyanne

Black horse for sale Lena

Tessy mare for sale Tessy one gorgeous filly

Cruiser Cruiser, one of the best blue roans I ever owned.

Ruzy Ruzy