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Paint Mares

Breeding program for the paint and quarter horses. We breed both paint and quarter horses to the donkey (Ambrose) hoping to have some fine looking mule foals. The paint horse Scoop Me McCue has been sold. The paint horses Sonny Dee Peppy and Dixon has been sold. The two paint mares Classy Knows and Classy Scoop were also sold due to the cutting back on the stock. Our paint Tallu was bred to Ambrose in 2005 and she will be bred to Goji the quarter horse stud for a 2007 foal.

EK Docs Angel Sold

angel.jpg Angels Pedigree

Sandell Dixon Sold

dixon.jpg Dixon Pedigree

Classy Knows  Sold         

classyknows.jpg Classy's Pedigree

Classy Scoop Sold

classyscoop.jpg Classy Scoop's Pedigree

Scoop Me McCue Sold

Black Paint Mare Scoop Me McCue Pedigree

Sonny Dee Peppy Sold

sonnyde.jpg Dee Peppy Pedigree

Tallu Sold

Black and White Paint Horse Tallu Pedigree

Ritzy Sold

Ritzy paint mare Ritzy Pedigree

Chex Sold

Chex paint filly Chex Pedigree

Jenny Sold

jenny.jpg Jen Pedigree

Dalfa Sold

Dalfa paint mare Dalfa Pedigree


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Burlington ND 58722
Burlington is located in the midwest part of North Dakota

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